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The D.R.E. for our CCD program is Sondra Andes. You may contact her at 1-318-205-8744 for questions or concerns.

CCD Registration - August 28th:
Registration for CCD classes at Our Lady of Lourdes will be held Wednesday evening, August 28th, at 6:00 in the Church hall for all grades (1 to 11). Cost is $10 per child for parishioners of OLL and St. Martin, and $15 per child for non-parishioners.
Students in 2nd grade need to bring a copy of their Baptismal certificate.
Students in 11th grade need to bring a copy of their Baptismal and First Communion certificates.
* Classes for grades 2-10 begin on Wednesday evening, September 4th, at 6:00 til 7:00.
* Classes for grade 11 begin on Sunday afternoon, September 15th, (time to be announced) and will be held every other Sunday.